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July 31st, 2007

So, yeah, it got a tiny bit damp today [Jul. 31st, 2007|11:44 pm]
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...and the dog was last seen kayaking in a vaguely north-westerly direction....Collapse )

I always seem to end up with a bus in these pictures, don't I?

I'd intended to go up to Jett's Wildcat to pick up some money my mother wired to me for some things she wanted from the US, and had initially thought I'd make it before the rain hit -- after all, we'd had much the same kind of uncertainly grumpy conditions the previous day, without much more than a sprinkle of water. No such luck. Monsoon may have started late this year, but it's making up for it by giving us several days worth all at once, scaring the dog shitless with all of the flashing and banging (Ophelia's too old to give a damn now, so she just lies in her junk box and once in a while wakes up to glower at the world.) A couple of fresh leaks have appeared in the kitchen, which means I'd better call harm to put more patches on the roof; the worst of the two is almost over the stove, and ran like an open faucet, leaving me with half an inch in the bucket by the time it was done.

The storm eventually stopped, of course, and water drained. I threw on clothes and backpack and walked up to Jett's (which is, incidentally, uphill both ways, I kid you not; which means, also, that it's also downhill both ways as well.) There's a lot of storm damage to be seen -- rocks, gravel, sand and soil everywhere, standing pools of water, much activity in the washes, trees down.... As it turned out, Western Union was down in this part of town as well, thanks to the storm, so Mum's stuff will have to wait a day or two more. It wasn't a completely lost cause, mind you, as I did need some staples -- bread, milk, sugar.

It's still on the cool side now. We've had enough rain lately that the soil in the yard is actually moist -- something that will unfortunately encourage the hell out of the weeds, I'm sure.
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