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And the bugger's off up the hill again, he is, the benighted fool! - Papa Bear's Cave [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
David Alexander McDonald (Steven E. McDonald)

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And the bugger's off up the hill again, he is, the benighted fool! [Jan. 20th, 2013|06:13 am]
David Alexander McDonald (Steven E. McDonald)

Yes, not content with having flubbed Mount TBR 2012 in a weird and exhilarating way, I'm going to make another try at it. This really is like Brian Blessed making his attempts at summiting Everest, so in honour of that I'm going with the Mt. Everest level (100 books), taking along half a dozen Sherpas, a large tent, and a bloody great tank of oxygen.

I'll be popping back in with links and a list of books Before long. Given that I'm currently short an eye, and reading is consequently a bit more difficult than I would like, I'll probably be concentrating on audiobooks, with the odd ebook in there for good measure -- with any luck I'll finally lumber all the way through The Complete David by Nicholas Pegg (just in time for the new album to cause him to cough up another edition of the thing.)

That said, I have the first entries in the list:

1) The Final Warning by James Patterson (fourth in the Maximum Ride YA series, and, oi, it's a clunker)
2) What's So Funny? by Donald E. Westlake
3) Over Her Dear Body by Richard S. Prather