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Papa Bear's Cave

This Ain't The Hundred-Acre Wood!

David Alexander McDonald (Steven E. McDonald)
17 October 1956
AKA Papa Bear. Novelist, poet, composer/musician, screenwriter, archer, general madman. Prone to posting long, strange journal entries and lots and lots of Kwizzes and memes.

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I'm the author of Waystation and you can read excerpts at the link. Many US libraries carry the Andromeda series, so getting hold of a copy to read is rarely a hassle. I also wrote Event Horizon and The Janus Syndrome. I've written for television, film and the stage. I'm also a composer and musician and have worked as an engineer and producer, as well as, in passing, doing some fun remixes. My music has been played in Tucson dance clubs and used as the underscore for video documentaries; it's also been performed at festivals. I have a long-standing rep as a poet, which is nice, and sometimes perform my work around Tucson.

I'm the director of The Pendant Shakespeare, which is a series of audio adaptations of the Bard, beginning with A Midsummer Night's Dream; I'm blessed with great casts. I act in a number of audio productions, and compose/perform original music for several shows, including Pendant's The Kingery, Gaia's Voyages, Seminar (for which I've written several original scripts) and The Pendant Shakespeare. I also wrote Pendant's Supergirl from episode 9 through episode 14, and directed episodes 8-10.

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